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Most third party battery manufacturers do not work well.

1) The battery must take a charge to its maximum rating.

2) The battery must hold a charge for proper performance.

3) Quality of the battery and its makeup is important.                                                              

4) What conditions has the manufacturer placed on

    the use of third party batteries?!                                     

5) Check your chassis shape & spacing.


6) The run-time of your UPS can be shortened by a poor quality


7) The wrong battery rating could damage your UPS.

8) The UPS may need to be re-calibrated when installing a new    


9) Using an unapproved battery may allow your UPS to fail causing a

    system to crash with serious damage.

10) There is often a correlation between quality and price. Cheaper

      does not mean better thus the reason it is cheaper.

11) Battery life is est. between 3-5 years under normal conditions.

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Transportable Compact Air Conditioning Unit - server rooms or closets & unrelated equipment. 120 v,15 amp., moves on built-in casters. No water collection or drain required. Contractors are not needed. Internal condenser means no piping. An incorporated evaporator expels condensate into the exhaust air stream.12,000 BTU. Price range $700.00 & up. Options complement the package for internet connectivity for monitoring. Click “buy now” button for your application. Also, rack mounted AC unit where the portable unit is not required.
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UPS units for Various Services
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Take it With You. Lasers, Inkject, Impack, Copiers
Office equipment to move you forward. We can either recommend or you can tell us what you want. See our financing page for more information. Need it installed, just let us know.
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#NL 000055 Tower or Rack
Save Money by ONLY Cooling hot-spots For that Special Application
Need an aerial view. Inspecting property or mapping an area. There are numerous applications for drones when you put your mind to it. We have numerous makes & models depending on your budget & applications or just for fun.

Rechargeable Batteries

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