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Information Protection January 1, 2004 businesses are to comply with the federal, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA), intended to protect confidential information.   Personal Information Information pertaining to a specific person/company, that is found in public directories, telephone books and/or deemed accessible to the general public, would not be considered confidential.  
Purpose for Personal Information NMS is an information technology company. Seeking to serve potential clients, past and present with products/services. Sharing personal information is for their benefit; allowing us to provide such service(s). We may also request such information through surveys, in order to improve product(s), service, and overall performance. Personal information maybe needed to provide financing, sending of invoices, collection, delivery of product(s) and service(s). Collection of Information Personal information whether obtained electronically, via email, postal service, fax, verbally, appropriate forms, authorized person(s) is by lawful and reasonable means. We may require a voided cheque, employer contact information, bank account, tax, driver license, spousal information, passwords, and so on. An individual may withdraw permission to provide personal information at any time, subject to legal and contractual restrictions and giving three (3) weeks written notice.   
Submitting of Information By submitting information you are allowing NMS to disclose your information to third party companies where necessary (i.e. credit bureau, financial institution, government, collection agency, law firms, company merger, sale of company, by-law or ethical reason to do so) to confirm legitimacy and financial status. By completing such forms/agreements, and providing personal information, you agree that NMS may collect, use, store, maintain, transfer, and delete your personal information along with third party personal information provided to NMS is in accordance with this Privacy Policy55 now and in the future. NMS does not knowingly disclose personal information to any third party to assist them in marketing their products and services. Request of Access Questions regarding our Privacy Policy55; please submit in writing to our Privacy Officer at: 55 Stanley St., London, ON. Canada, N6C 1B2. 
Access to Information Denied Access is not absolute and maybe denied. For example: if this person is subject to a claim, anticipated legal proceedings, legal action being taken, to protect our company’s rights and property, is deemed to be unreasonable, unethical, frivolous or vexatious. When access is given to records, an administrative fee will apply.   Updating, Changes to Privacy Policy NMS continues to keep policies and procedures relevant and up to date. Therefore, we may make changes from time to time to our policy, which you may wish to review.
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TERMS & CONDITIONS Please read carefully before using our website. Using our website is acceptance of our Terms and Conditions for services, buying, purchasing of product, and the user is bond by those Terms and Conditions on this page. Terms and Conditions may also be articulated else where, and those do not limit our Terms and Conditions on this site but augment their meaning and application. nel-ton Marketing and Services Ltd. may also be referred to as NMS. All prices are is subject to change without notice and excluded of all taxes and freight/handling charges. All information posted on our website shall be verified by the client before proceeding and shall not be binding upon nel- ton Marketing and Services Ltd in whole or in part. Descriptions of products/services are correct to the best of our knowledge and accurate with the understanding no guarantee offered as information is supplied by others or may have under gone changes since posting on this site. NMS shall not be liable for such information or any loss that may occur from the use of such information or its absence. Client/user assumes all responsibility for such accuracy and use. Since ALL products are ordered specifically for the client, sales are final & not subject to cancellation in whole or in part. Approximate delivery dates along with pricing information (where available) shall not be grounds for cancellation of an order once received from the client since pricing and/or shipping information was provided (where available) before order placement. Defective product/services shall be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. NMS shall not under any circumstances, assume liability for the manufacturer.  Advice/Recommendations maybe a separate charge and clearly communicated as such. Contents of the site shall not be copied, or reproduced in whole or in part. NMS may from time to time revise the Terms and Conditions by updating this posting leaving the reader/user required to visit this page to keep abreast of such changes and its impact. NMS logos are trademarks or service marks, registered or not, are the property of NMS. No one may interpret, grant directly or indirectly the use of a trademark or service mark on this web site, or via a third party. Liability Owner(s), directors, contracted personal, employees, and or agents shall not be responsible under any circumstances or liable for any and all damages resulting from the use or attempted use (including links to or from a site) of our website or for its content or lack thereof, even if NMS is advised of the possibility of such damages.
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Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation The CRTC requires proof of consent, even proof of a telephone call. The attempt is to control spam mail. Therefore, we ask that you send us an email, with your contact name and the purpose of your inquiry. This then becomes proof that contact was not solicited. If you find this requirement unreasonable, please contact your MP.  Click or Paste this link in your browser for verification                                        http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/com500/faq500.htm
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