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                                                                          Progressive Thinking!         Want a competitive edge?         Making changes maybe your best option. Technological             advancements or any other strategy may be your best bet.         A loan or financing can provide the advantage. Customized                     financing, special terms & conditions are our speciality.   

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                Can you contribute to our bottom-line?! You are confident of your skills and backed with experience. You're looking for an opportunity to prove yourself and be compensated. You have some great ideas but no where to implement them. Sales, or Technicians with a good business sense - contact us.
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Hints: Questions before making a purchase from Others. 1. Is this the right product or part?  2. If it does not perform as expected - what then?  3. What is the warranty period?  4. Defective: Where do I return it?  5. Is there service? 6. Installation?  7. Is there a difference between value & price?  8. Is it used, refurbished or new? 9. Is it expensive to use? 10. What is a throw-away item?
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Why do Retail Stores sell used products as new; one reason, because of their return policy. Refunds are often Not given if the item has been discovered as used by the customer. “Free” is no longer without some cost attached to it. There seems to be some hook attached to the claim. Here we have no hooks. Thank you for contacting us.
Being penny conscience can mean being dollar foolish. How often have we wasted time which is not renewable at the expense of saving a dollar or two? We may have wasted the time that should have been spent doing something more important. Is your time worth anything & the time of others - family life??